Wednesday, October 23, 2013


About a year ago I was in a store and I saw a sweater that I fell in love with.  It was multicolored, striped, with a cowlneck.  It was soft and kind of fuzzy and just really struck my fancy and I imagined it with all different pant/skirt combinations, and just really really wanted this sweater.  Oh, and it was on sale.  Of course.  But even the biggest size was impossible.  I could barely get it over my head. I remember taking a photo of it in the dressing room and sending it to my best friend with a note about how sad I was that I couldn't have this impossibly adorable sweater because they didn't make it in morbidly obese size.  He sympathetically wrote back with a sad face.  I'm pretty sure I went home and ate a pizza and a pint of Haagen Dazs that night.  Because, well...that's what I did in situations like that.

Anyway, a couple months later I was in another location of the same store and saw the sweater again. At that point I had been assembling my appeal to the insurance company for my surgery, and I thought, "I'm buying this sweater.  I will fit into it by next winter one way or another."  Also?  It was on clearance for SEVEN DOLLARS.  So I bought it, brought it home, and put it into the "Sweaters" bin in the basement.  Last week I unearthed it, tried it on and - gloriola! - it fit.  It fit, and it was every bit as adorable as I'd imagined it to be on me.

Too bad you can't see the whole thing, but trust me - it's cute.

So I was getting dressed for work yesterday and I put on the sweater, along with my most recent favorite pair of jeans, and thought, "what shoes to wear with this?"

Now, before I go any further I have to preface this next section with this declaration: I LOVE BOOTS.  Short boots, tall boots, ankle boots, flat boots, heeled boots.  Especially heeled boots.  And heels of any kind, really.  When I was a bartender back in the day I used to work in 4-inch heels all the time with no issues.  But that was eons ago, and in the more recent past, being as heavy as I was, I had to stop wearing them because I just couldn't support 260+ pounds on heels of any height.  Even the 2-inch wedges I wore for chorus performances would kill after an hour.

But now that I'm almost 100 pounds lighter, I find myself gravitating toward heels again.  And now that it's fall, well...hello, boots!  Specifically, hello PURPLE BOOTS!

I bought these boots about 13 years ago when I lived in Berwyn, Illinois.  I remember the day I bought them at the new Shoe Carnival on 22nd Street, in the plaza with the "Car Kabob" sculpture (if you've ever seen "Wayne's World" then you know what I'm talking about).

The Famous Berwyn "Car Kabob" Sculpture.  The Shoe Carnival is in the background! I lived two blocks up from here.

They were on sale (natch) for $30, marked down from $69.99.  I had a skirt that just happened to be the same exact color, and I wore them together frequently.  I used to get tons of compliments on them (and the exact color match with the skirt), but gradually I phased them out because I got bigger, the skirt got tighter, and the heels became painful to wear.  The skirt is long gone, but I kept the boots because, well, because purple boots.  How many people do you know with PURPLE FREAKIN' BOOTS?  Right!

So yesterday as I looked in the mirror at the newest ensemble to hit my fall wardrobe and pondered the appropriate footwear, I thought, "Oooh, maybe the purple Zodiacs?"  I don't think I've worn them since I moved back to Buffalo more than ten years ago.  I pulled them out and put them on.  The zippers, due to age and dormancy, had to be coaxed a bit, but I got them on, stood up, and marveled at (a) how comfortably they fit me and (b) how well they matched the purple in the sweater.  I threw my arms up in the air at the mirror and loudly declared, "I WIN!"

Mind you, it's not just about fitting into the sweater or not dying of crushed feet on the 3-1/2" stacked heels.  This was a victory of more than just an adorable sweater and some funky boots.  No, see, because not only did I fit into these things, I walked out of the house feeling confident in them.  Purple boots aren't for everyone.  But me?  I was going to pull it off because I had resurrected not just the sweater and the boots, but the confidence to wear them.  Never mind that the sweater was a clearance rack item and the jeans were from a thrift store and the boots were purchased for 60% off 13 years ago.  Worn together I felt like a million bucks.  And that, my friends, is truly priceless.


  1. What an exciting victory! So happy for you. And that outfit is too awesome. I'm inspired to go shopping now!