Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Well I'm a-Movin' on DOWN

Remember that Pandora bracelet I bought before my surgery?  Well.  It's got four charms on it now!

I feel so accomplished - and fancy!

The two large ones with the circles on them are called "Stepping Stones" and I thought they were fitting to mark weight milestones.  The red Stepping Stone represents 25 pounds and the purple Stepping Stone represents 50 pounds.  (I've got my eye on a blue one for 75 pounds). The orange "Zen" charm on the end I gave myself for reaching my halfway point.  The rat charm, a retired piece that I was able to find on eBay (and for which I paid way more than I ever thought I'd spend on one charm but simply HAD to have), is my reward for reaching...



Yes!! I am HERE!!!  Yippeeee!!!!  Current weight: 198.

I haven't been here in about two and a half years - and even then it was a fleeting visit, a layover between 196 and 199 that ended after a few weeks when shit starting hitting the fan.  Anyone who knew me during that time can totally tell you about it.  I'd rather not rehash it, thanks.  Anyway, this time I'm moving in to Onederland for good.  There's no going back now.

And I think that's what really keeps me going; I know that this time I cannot fail (well, technically I suppose I could - and some people do - but I'm not leaving it open as an option). There's no place for me to go BUT down.  I'm doing this.  I really, really am.  And my wrist - while still fat (seriously, I have the equivalent of cankles on my forearms) - is a little prettier for it.


  1. I was going to comment on how good your wrist looks but you beat me to it. No more Audrey watch creases for you!

  2. No, they're still fat. I cropped it so you can't see. :-(

  3. Since you can't, I'll have a glass of champagne for you to celebrate: now and forever onehundred-something pounds!

    Deedee, following your achievements is pretty awesome, even when read from CT.