Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Three-Month Stats and Update

Happy 3-Month Surgiversary to meeeee!!!!  I can't even believe it's been three months since my surgery.  In some ways it feels like it was a million years ago, but other times I feel like it was just yesterday.  Hard to believe, too, that it's been almost a full year since I decided to have the surgery!

I had my 12-week checkup today and was told that I am right on track - if not slightly ahead - with my weight loss.  My labs after my last checkup came back with favorable numbers and I'm healthy (excess weight notwithstanding).  The doc was pleased with my progress, and I grinned like a fool the whole time.  At one point I ran into the eating behavior counselor, whom I'd not seen since before my surgery (I'm seeing a different practitioner for that part of my process),  and she was thrilled for me.  I felt so proud at that moment, like a little kid running home with a good report card.

In the past week, several people who haven't said anything up until now commented on my weight loss.  It's like it suddenly became apparent between last week and this week, like 60 pounds was the magic number or something.  My next door neighbor mentioned it, and then three of my regular customers, people who see me nearly every day, made comments about it.  That's encouraging!

So anyway,  my current stats at three months post-op:

Starting weight on 3/31/13 (start of pre-op diet): 259.8
Surgery Day weight on 4/10/13: 244.2
Current weight 7/10/13: 197.6
Total weight lost: 62.2 pounds
Goal weight: 145
Pounds to goal: 52.6

Again, I have no idea how to quantify my total inches lost, but I've lost a few more since last month,  though most of them seem to have come off my chest and hips this time.  

And remember  when I said in my 2-month update that I had some "official" photos from various angles?  Well...I've decided to release them.  It's a big step, because even though I know I should be proud of my progress, I'm embarrassed by the photos.  The beginning photos are the stuff of mortification, and because of what I'm wearing, the current pictures aren't exactly glamour shots, either.  But...this blog is all about the good, bad, ugly, and embarrassing, so...*deep breath*... here you go.

March 31                    May 19                   July 10


So there it is.  My fat lil' self in pajama bottoms and a tank top.  Not as pretty as the sweater picture, but this series is supposed to serve as a closer look at the actual bodily transformation in progress.  Much of what got me to 259.8 pounds in the first place was a lot of denial.  Denial that I was that big, denial that what I was eating was killing me, denial that I was miserable in my own skin, denial that I was out of control.  At least now when I look at these I'm not covered with flattering clothes; I can't hide and deny.  This is honest and true, and more revealing than I wanted to be but necessary to keep myself in check and on track.  I see progress made, but I also see how far I still have to go.  

Sally at Unbrave Girl has challenged her readers to start posting full-length photos of themselves and to stop being ashamed of their bodies.  I'd like to think this is a step in that direction.  I'm happy with my decision, hopeful for the future, and excited at the prospect that some day I won't have to apologize for the way I look in my loungewear. :-)


  1. Holy crap! You can really see your progress, especially in the side view. So proud. Next thing you know, you'll be singing the Cheese Tease jingle, you Incredible Shrinking Woman, you!

  2. You are doing AMAZING my love !! Keep it up!

  3. I enjoy reading about your progress. Way to go!

  4. Looking so very lovely, Deedee! Congrats on all the healthy progress. xoxo