Monday, June 17, 2013

Turkey and Cheddar Hummus Wraps!

From time to time I will share recipes and foods that I enjoy as part of my journey.  The solid food stage, as I've indicated, has been serious trial and error and many times I just say "screw it" and grab a shake or a bar to get my nutrients in.  But of course, that gets boring.  So when I have time and energy and the inclination to make something tasty and nutritious, I go for it.

Obviously I look for things that keep and/or travel well, since it's virtually impossible to make a single serving of anything and everything needs to be divided up into small portions that will not overfill me.  I make a lot of soup, ground meat dishes, etc, and then freeze or refrigerate for subsequent meals.  But now that it's summer I am looking for more cold dishes to try - because who the hell wants to eat soup when it's 75 and sunny?  I used to eat a lot of sandwiches in the summer time because they're quick and easy.  Slap some meat and cheese and veggies between a couple slices of bread and go.  But bread, as I've mentioned previously, is not recommended because of its tendency to get stuck.  But tortillas on the other hand - those are totally okay!

So today I made turkey and cheddar hummus wraps.  I took a flour tortilla, spread red pepper hummus on it, and then layered fresh greens, a slice of reduced fat cheddar cheese, and five thin slices of lean turkey.  I rolled it all up tightly and then sliced it into four sections.  I ate one for lunch and then put the other three in a container.  They'll keep for at least a couple of days that way.  They make a great snack or quick lunch.   I'll probably have one tonight as a snack when I get home, take one to work with me tomorrow for lunch, and have the other for dinner or a snack tomorrow night.

Each portion is perfectly sleeve-sized and packs 85 calories, 2.5 grams of fat, 5 carbs, and 4 grams of protein.  Granted, it's not a high-protein meal, but for a quick bite these things are super tasty and combine all four food groups.

And they're colorful, too!

Nutritious, tasty, AND pretty!

I'm going to experiment with other meats like chicken and tuna and non-meat alternatives like tofu, seitan, and quorn.  Lightlife makes some really awesome meatless cold cuts that would probably be great.  I'm also going to try using Laughing Cow spreadable cheese instead of the hummus, but I will probably stay away from dressings and sauces because they will soak through the tortilla after awhile.  The possibilities are endless, and I get to still have a "sandwich!"  Bonus: tortillas keep a LOT longer than bread does, too.  I win!

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