Friday, May 10, 2013

Oh, What a Difference a Month Makes

It's been a month since my surgery.  Happy One Month Surgiversary to me!!!  I think I might have to justify buying my first Pandora charm to mark the occasion! 

Today was not without its challenges (including a slight meltdown about protein shakes and how goddamn TIRED I am of them), but I feel like I weathered them pretty well.  My youngest niece turned 4 today, and there was a party at Chuck E. Cheese.  As much as I love my nieces and nephew, I'm not a huge fan of small children or any place where large crowds of them assemble.  Then there's the fact that I couldn't eat anything (I start on the "healthy solids" stage on Sunday), so that kind of made being surrounded by pizza and cake and screaming children and giant animatronic mice that much more potentially grating.  But it wasn't as bad as I'd anticipated.  I even got in a few rounds of Skee-Ball, during which I delighted my nieces by winning a whole mess of tickets for them.  That was fun. The Skee-ball lanes are off the beaten path and most tots avoid them, so it was a nice respite.


While my aversion to large numbers of little kids hasn't changed, there are already many things that have in the month since my surgery.   Obviously my weight has changed - by 36 pounds counting the 15 lost during the pre-op diet.  I've also lost a total of 20 inches all over.  But it goes way beyond that.  Even in just one short month, I've seen immense changes in my mood, my outlook, and my habits.

I expend more energy on making myself pretty.  I take time to put makeup on more often now.  I do my hair more often. I feel better about myself and feel like I deserve to look my best.  I feel good about taking care of me.

I smile more.  A lot more.

I've already packed away a few articles of "too big" clothes and have begun excavating the bins of smaller sizes out of the basement.  Not all of them fit me yet and it will be a while before they do, but I'm making a dent.

My house is cleaner.  I have more energy to put into it and, because I've not been working, I've had more time.  And like my efforts to making myself look nice, I take more pride in my home now, too.  It's no scene out of Martha Stewart Living, but I've managed to go an entire month without totally fucking it up - and I'm not kidding when I say I have the ability to go from totally clean to looking like a scene from "Hoarders" in a matter of days.  This is a breakthrough.  Will it stay like this after I go back to work?  I hope so. 

I sleep better.  Even though I'm still 80-some pounds overweight, I sleep more soundly.  I fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.  I still have bad nights when this is not the case, but more and more I find myself sleeping better.  I no longer feel hungover when I wake up.  My feet don't hurt as badly in the morning.  They still hurt, but not like they did before.  Huge improvement.

My asthma is getting better.   I still have to hit my inhaler when I'm triggered by something, but it seems the days of needing it every couple of hours are behind me.

I walk faster.  I feel lighter.  I don't gasp for air after just a few steps.  I can walk 30 minutes without feeling like I'm going to collapse.  And I can go much farther in that 30 minutes than I could a month ago.

If this is how I feel after just one month, I can't wait to see what changes await me in the coming months.  I feel amazing, and I'm loving these changes.  I am about a third of the way toward my goal.  This means I'll potentially feel three times better by the time I get there.  I can't even imagine what that's going to feel like. (But I'll probably still be tired of protein shakes).  

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  1. Those are a lot of great accomplishments! Lots more to come, I'm sure. :)