Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I attempted to go back to one of my jobs today, and I clearly was not ready.  Neither were they.

It's not a stressful place, but I arrived to find my computer broken and as such, no access to any of my files.  And since my computer is the only one in the office with the programs I need, I wasn't able to work on anything.  A new assignment had come over - just a little job, so I told my boss I would work on it at home.  I then spent the rest of the day doing someone else's work on a different desk.  I couldn't leave because someone had to be there to answer the phones. 

By the end of the day - which was only four hours to begin with (it's a very part-time gig) - I was tired, my head was swimming, and I was in a nasty mood.  I'm learning my limits and signals, and while I don't get hunger pangs, I've been noticing lately that when it's time for me to eat, I can tell by the empty feeling in both my gut and my head.  The shake I'd had a couple hours prior had already been digested, and I was definitely feeling like it was time to eat again.  All I wanted to do was go home, have a protein shake, and lay down.  I had five minutes left. And that's where I was when the Most Annoying Person on the Planet arrived to fuck around in the office.

This kid - who doesn't even work in this office but rather is an independent contractor hired by us to perform a service outside the office - made a rather unfavorable first impression on me a few weeks ago.  He breezed in, sat down next to my desk, and then proceeded to put his feet up on it.  Strike one.  Then he started asking me sensitive questions about the business.  Strike two.  While voraciously chewing on his fingers and spitting the yield on the floor.  Strike three.  I won't even get into the accompanying "I'm a law student" cockiness.  He's obviously going to be one of those smarmy trial lawyers who never lets anyone finish talking.  It's like he's in constant cross-examination mode.  Whatever.  My father was a lawyer.  I'm not impressed.

So today he shows up five minutes before I'm supposed to leave and starts babbling about the computer and how he thinks he knows how to fix it.  I told him to leave it, because I had to go.  He said, "Just a minute, I just want to try this one thing," and I said, "I have to go."  He told me to wait a second, so I stood there fuming.  I was fucking TIRED.  The whole time he kept pulling his pants up and doing this disgusting snot-snort-sniff thing.  He's repulsive.

He asked me when we could expect to have a certain item ready for distribution and I told him it all depended on being able to extract the files from the broken computer.  Increasingly agitated, I said, "if we can at least get it into safe mode, then we can pull the files off and I can access them and work on them at home."  I was going to continue on to say something about having discussed this with my boss and having already thought of a solution, but Annoying Law Kid cut me off and said, "well, yeah, and I can do that, too."

That. Was. It.

Now.  What I should have done was say, "Thanks for the offer, but I've got it under control" or something like that.  Or perhaps employed some of my snark and said something along the lines of, "but why would you do that when you have your own job to do?" But instead I barked, "BUT I AM THE DESIGNER, SO JUST LET ME DO MY FUCKING JOB!!!"  And then I yelled, "COME ON, LET'S GO. I GOTTA GO!"  He scurried out of the office, mumbling some shit about "not very nice" and whatever, but my head was about to explode and my ears were ringing and I just needed to get out of there.  I said, "Just back off, all right?  Just go away already" and I got in my car.  I texted my boss, "I just yelled at Law Boy.  He's a pain in my ass."

I tried to be normal after that.  I drove home, tried going to the grocery store, tried going to GNC to look at protein powder options, but everywhere I went I felt like people were hellbent on pissing me off.  I know it wasn't them, it was me being hypersensitive to the normal stupidity that I usually choose to ignore.  But everything was just getting under my skin, and I couldn't help it.

Here's hoping a good nap and dinner is all I need to make it better.

This is me, talking to the Law Lizard.

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