Sunday, May 26, 2013

Mmmm...Ice Cream!

I have said before that I am finding ways to reward myself with stuff that is NOT food.  However, I think it's important to distinguish between a "reward" and a "treat."

A reward is something you do to reinforce or provide incentive for positive behavior.  A treat is something you indulge in sparingly - hence the term "treat."  They are often used interchangeably, but I think it's important in my situation to keep them mutually exclusive. 

So tonight, after I walked to Target to buy a few things, I stopped at Anderson's and TREATED myself to a small cone of non-fat, sugar-free ice cream.  (It should be noted that I LOVE ice cream cones in the summer time).  Now, the old me would have rewarded myself with an Anderson's visit for walking to Target.  And not only that, the old me would have ordered a large chocolate-dipped waffle cone with three scoops of regular ice cream covered in sprinkles.

But this was not a reward for walking to Target.  Why?  Because walking to Target is something I should be doing any time I need something from Target that isn't too heavy to carry a couple of blocks.  I should be walking everywhere.  I live in a neighborhood with a ton of stuff within walking distance - myriad shopping plazas (Buffalo is the Kingdom of Strip Malls), drugstores, department stores, restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, movie theaters, gyms, thrift name it, I can walk to it.  So unless I'm buying lots of heavy stuff or the weather is crappy or I'm making a quick stop on the way to someplace else, there is no reason for me to drive anywhere in my immediate area.

Anyway, after I left Target I thought, "I could go for an ice cream cone."  Anderson's is on the way home, and I knew from experience they had nonfat and/or sugar-free options.  So I stopped in and ordered the smallest cone they sell, and asked if they could put less than a full scoop on.  They were a bit perplexed, but they obliged, and I ended up with this:

Believe it or not, that's not even a full scoop!

It was freakin' delicious.  I haven't had ice cream in a few months, unless you count the occasional sugar-free fudgesicle.  But this was actual ice cream.  In a cone. OMG. I sat outside and savored it.  This was a real treat, in my book.

And just for the record, I looked up the nutrition info online and found out this whole thing was 97 calories, 0 fat, 4 grams of protein, and 21 grams of carbohydrates.

Not bad for an occasional treat!

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