Monday, April 15, 2013

Why I Love My Sister, Part II

Because she rearranged her plans and was still able to spend the night at my house after bringing me home a day later than originally anticipated.

She and her husband brought me pretty purple flowers and a balloon.

She fought with the flower delivery guy who wanted to park in the very spot she needed to park in order to load me into the van.  And she won.

She took some bins to the basement that I couldn't carry. She did my laundry.  And washed my kitchen floor.  On her hands and knees.

She set up my med schedule for me.

She kept me company and checked on me regularly to make sure I hadn't fallen face-first into the toilet.

This woman has four children under the age of 10, is in her last semester of graduate school, and lives 90 miles away.

Oh...and she's taking me to Cancun next year.

And no, you can't have her.  She's mine.

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