Monday, April 1, 2013

The Liquid Diaries: Day Two

This isn't as hard as I thought it would be.  I'm not dead yet. It's also not nearly as easy as I'd hoped.  I'm only two days in and already I wonder how the hell I'm going to do this for eight more days.  I can barely function!

I did a juice fast for 21 days once, but even then I was able to sneak in a banana or a Raw Bar here and there.  This time I can't do that.  And the milk...good god, the milk.  I'm not used to drinking this much milk, and whether it's the milk itself or the protein powder, my stomach is not particularly thrilled.  I normally drink almond milk (soy is yummy but I still prefer almond) but am told it won't provide enough protein to meet the daily requirement on this diet.  And I've discovered that chicken broth, while a tasty and savory bright spot in my day, causes my system to issue forth a hearty "FUCK YOU" in terms of digestive reaction.

I'm still getting used to the fact that I can't eat anything.  This morning at work I found myself stopping short of snatching a pastry sample off the counter - something I'd so mindlessly do any other day.  People were ordering breakfast sandwiches left and right, and as they'd get brought to me I would literally feel my mouth watering as the smell wafted up.  Normally this smell makes me gag most days because I smell it constantly and it gets gross after awhile, but today I was like, "mmm....saaaauuuusage...."

By 4:30 this afternoon my headache was so unbearable I couldn't take it anymore, and I came home and crawled into bed.  I stayed there for six hours.  This does not bode well for getting stuff done.

I hope I get used to this. 

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