Sunday, March 24, 2013

And So Begins the Last Week

This is my last week of "free eating," so to speak.  The last week that I'm able to eat any solid food for a long time. So far I've sort of failed on that "changing my habits" thing.  Yes, I've been eating more veggies, and yes, I've been trying to get a little exercise in here and there, but even that's mainly consisted of putting on music and dancing for a few minutes.  I'm so out of shape that just that much is enough to wind me.  I've been working pretty hard on my house, so there's been a lot of walking up and down stairs, a lot of lifting and carrying stuff back and forth, et cetera.  So I've not been a total sloth; I just haven't miraculously turned into a raw veggie-chomping gym bot overnight.

And I think I'm okay with that.  Or at least I kind of have to be, right?  Because it is what it is.

I think the most important thing to remember at this point is that I KNOW my life is going to change in the most drastic way after next week.  And the pre-op diet - ten days of nothing but liquid (unless I indulge in some sugar free jello or popsicles) - will definitely teach me something about that, or at least provide an effective segue into the changes. In the meantime I just continue to drink more water and choose veggies over less healthy side options.

One thing at a time.  One step at a time.

I went to a birthday party last night and pretty much grazed all night. A small square of pizza, two chicken wings, a beer, some celery, a cookie, a normal sized slice of cake, and a handful of crackers and cheese (which happen to be a major weakness for me).  I picked at the chip bowls, but none of the chips were particularly interesting to me (because...cheese and fucking CRACKERS) so I just kind of nibbled a few and then moved on.  I did get sent home with a giant slab of ganache-filled cake and a whole TRAY of cheese and crackers, though. I'm talking HUGE.  It's like an industrial-sized Lunchable sitting in my fridge.  Ridiculous.

Interesting, too, that I was in mixed company - friends and strangers - so I was more conscious of my behavior.  My friends know what's up, so they likely thought nothing of me enjoying some party food - which is why I sort of hung back and didn't mingle with the group at large until I was done with the bulk of my "dinner."

Today I'm going to Indian buffet for lunch, a Sunday tradition of which I've been a part for about six or seven years at this point.  I don't always make it every week because of other obligations, but I'm going today, and I'm going to enjoy it.  Wednesday I'm going out with a dozen or so friends to Duff's for wings, and the rest of the week I'll fill in the blanks with whatever I have on hand at home.

Anyone free for lunch this week?  Now's your chance. :-)

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