Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Six Weeks

I'm six weeks out from Surgery Day.  43 days, of which ten of those will be liquid-dieting to shrink my liver.  At least two of those days will also be spent fasting in preparation for blood work (I have some non-VSG-related tests coming up next week because my gynecologist is all "it's probably just perimenopause but let's rule out endometrial blah blah blah" about my recently-wonky cycle).  This means I have a grand total of 31 days in which to drink gallons of Pepsi and good beer, put Zip's on speed-dial, and make an excuse to pass Paula's and/or Famous (two amazing REAL, from-scratch, independent donut shops) on a daily basis.  Twice. In each direction. 

Except I can't really do that.

Instead, I have 31 days in which to make some actual, real change in my habits.  I need to get on that gym thing (though I still haven't found one that offers everything I need and isn't prohibitively expensive on my already threadbare budget), and I need to start implementing better habits.

I suppose I should also start experimenting with Jello flavors.

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  1. Good luck Deedee! You're probably one of the most centered people that I know who's going through gastric surgery. I've known a couple of people who've done it and they all partied up until the last minute and then wondered why they felt like shit afterwards and couldn't keep off all the weight they lost even though their stomach was the size of a grape. They believed that it was a "quick fix" even after all the complications were explained. You sound like you are prepared for the reality of the surgery.