Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Hairy Situation

I've been feeling really "blah" the last few days and haven't bothered to update.  We had a snowstorm two days ago (residual "Nemo" effects but nothing near what New England saw) and it threw a wrench into my mood.  The rear tires on my car are bald, which makes driving in the snow that much more treacherous, so I just didn't go anywhere.  I holed up in the house and slept most of the day and night.  Yesterday I made it out for a rehearsal in the morning and then came home and slept the rest of the day.  I can't decide if it's situational or S.A.D. or hormonal or what, but it sucks.  It's like I have anvils on my feet and a Buick on my head. 

Today, though, I picked myself up and dusted myself off a bit and forced myself to get out.  The sun was shining, which made going out a little more bearable.  Among other things, I got a fresh cut and color, and I feel a lot better now.  My hair, which had been feeling tired and tangly and dull, is now cut in sassy layers and is as bright and shiny as a newly minted penny.  The same color as one, too.  I love getting my hair done because not only does it give me a lift, but it also gives me time to hang out with the friend who does it.  It's always a good time.

I'm told by others who have had this surgery that I can expect my hair to fall out some in the few months afterward.  I'm more worried about this than I probably should be, but my hair is one of the few things about myself that I actually like.  I can find fault with just about everything on my body, but my hair - when it looks good - is a source of pride and vanity.  It's long, thick, and pretty.  It's naturally wavy but looks even better when it's straightened.  It's naturally an understated auburn color, but I dye it various shades of red depending on my mood and the season.  Because it's so thick I don't think it's going to be that awful when it thins a little, and from what I've told it grows back pretty quickly. It's a sacrifice I suppose I have to be willing to make, and all things considered it's not that big a deal.  And maybe after I'm a normal weight, I won't care so much about my stupid hair anymore anyway.


  1. it might thin a bit, and your nails might get a bit more fragile, but imagine, you're not putting as much into your body, and along with fat you'll lose, there are other things that get lost too. stay up with the proteins and good fats, and it's temporary. start looking into liquid or chewable vitamins, real ones, not flintstones. the hair loss is minimal, don't go thinking like it's chemo or anything. more like, you'll see more in the shower drain than usual. don't freak, it's all part of the process

  2. My hair thinned a ton whenever I have to go on thyroid meds. Luckily it's never gotten to the noticeable stage (if you don't count the fact that my bathroom floor had more of my hair on it than my two dogs' hair!). Hopefully it will be like that. A bunch of thinning but nothing to cause bald spots.